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2013 Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina


On August 29-30, 2013, ACR and its International Section co-sponsored a second conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina (the first conference occurred in May 2011). ACR’s co-sponsors were the Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (“UCES,” a private university headquartered in Buenos Aires) and Consultora Equipo I.M.C.A. (an ADR consulting firm in Buenos Aires). Approximately ninety people attended the conference. In addition to participants from many Argentine provinces, there were participants from the United States, Paraguay, Brazil and Italy. The conference took place in an auditorium at an UCES academic building located at Paraguay 1336 in Buenos Aires. 
The conference began on the afternoon of August 29 with opening remarks from representatives of all three co-sponsors. Over the course of the next two days, a diverse group of eighteen experts spoke on seven different panels. The panelists included noted practitioners and scholars, as well as judges and other government officials. 
Panels I and V focused on “Conflict Management in Organizations.”  The speakers for Panel I, moderated by Ana Bargiela, were Regina Maria Coelho Michelon (Brazil), Anamaris Cousins (USA), and Alejandro Ponieman (Argentina). The speakers for Panel V, moderated by Nora Franco, were Lalla Facco (Italy), Nora Viviana Poblete (Argentina), and Alejandro Araux Castex (Argentina).
Panels II and VII focused on Conflict Prevention and Peacemaking within Societies. The speakers for Panel II, moderated by Cristina Camelino, were Selva de Giorgio (Argentina) and Sonia Tellechea (Paraguay). The speakers for Panel VII, moderated by María Drlje, were Atilio Alvarez, María Alba Aiello de Almeida, and Carlos Custer (all from Argentina). 
Panels III and IV focused on the Social Transcendence of Mediation. The speakers for Panel III, moderated by Cristina Cavalli, were Alicia B. Garayo and Antonio Brailovsky (both from Argentina).  The speakers for Panel IV, moderated Mario de Almeida, were Alicia Pierini, Gladys Álvarez, and Ricardo Rivas (all from Argentina).
Panel VI focused on Neuroscience: New Contributions for Understanding Human Behavior. Norah Mendias Abella moderated a panel consisting of Facundo Manes (Argentina) and Walter A. Wright (USA). 
Equipo I.M.C.A., ACR's co-organizer of the conference, did an excellent job in every respect.  UCES was an excellent conference host, as it had been for the first ACR conference in 2011.
For a limited time, a link to information about the conference is still available online:
A pre-conference video about the conference (narrated by Cristina Camelino) is located at: . This video shows the members of the organizing committee, who met almost every week starting in February of this year and whose hundreds of hours of combined work made the event possible.
Finally, here is a link to some photos I took at the conference:
If you have any questions about the conference, please feel free to contact the author of this brief article.
Walter A. Wright
Co-Chair, ACR International Expansion Working Group
Immediate Past Chair, ACR International Section
Telephone: (512) 245-2138