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Southern Africa Resources

Africa Peace and Conflict Network (APCN) The Africa Peace and Conflict Network (APCN) has released several new, open-access publications, including full research papers, Briefings, and a photojournal. More papers and several podcasts will be forthcoming soon. 

Regional Peacebuilding Organizations

Southern African NGO Network (SANGONet)
Human Rights Trust of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe
Peace-building, Healing and Reconciliation Programme (PHARP), Kenya and Rwanda
Centre for Conflict Resolution, South Africa
Research and Teaching on Human Rights, Gender Issues, and Democracy in Southern Africa, Namibia
Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, South Africa
Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, South Africa
Pan-African-Reconciliation Centre & African Centre for Peace Education, Nigeria
Coalition for Peace in Africa (COPA), Kenya
African Initiative for Mediation, South Africa
Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution, California State University, Sacramento
Southern African Research and Documentation Centre South Africa

JustaPaz – Centre for Conflict Transformation
Associacao para o desenvolvimento e cooperacao de Mocambique (ADECOMA)
Associacao mocambicana de reintregracao e pesquisa social (AMOREPESO)
Associacao para o promocao do desenvolvimento economico e socio cultural (MBEU)
Associacao dos direitos humanos e desenvolvimento (DHD)
Lega dos direitos humanos (LDH)
Organizacao de desenvolvimento comunitario (OPDC)

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation
Human Rights Artists Club
Youth Watch Society
Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Malawi
Association for Dialogue and Reconciliation
Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre
Youth Net and Counseling
Malawi South Africa
National Peace Accord Trust
Black Sash Trust
Institute for Justice and Reconciliation
Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation
Institute for Healing of Memories
Khulumani Support Group
U Managing Conflict
Direct Action Centre for Peace and Memory
Human Rights Media Centre
Trauma Center for Survivors of Violence and Torture
Themba LeSizwa (Trauma Counseling)
Sinani KwaZulu – Natal Programme
Survivors of Violence

Amani Trust
Legal Resources Foundation

Regional and Comparative Research on Reconciliation in Southern Africa

From Conflict to Peace in a Changing World: Social Reconstruction in Times of Transition. Eade, Deborah, ed. 1998. Oxford: Oxfam Publishing.
Adedeji, Adebayo, ed. Comprehending and Mastering African Conflicts: The Search for Sustainable Peace and Good Governance. London: Zed Books, 1999.
Fowler, Alan. The Role of NGOs in Changing State-Society Relations. Perspectives from Eastern and Southern Africa. Development Policy Review, 9(1):53-84.
Buijtenhijs, Rob & Elly Rijnierse (1993). Democratisation in Sub-Saharan Africa. African Studies Center, Leiden.
Assefa, Hizkias. Peace and Reconciliation as a Paradigm: A Philosophy of Peace and Its Implications on Conflict, Governance and Economic Growth in Africa. Nairobi, Kenya: Africa Peacebuilding and Reconciliation Network, 2000. (translated into French, Spanish and Kirundi).
Through fire with water: the roots of division and the potential for reconciliation in Africa / edited by Erik Doxtader and Charles Villa-Vicencio.
Measuring Democracy and Human Rights in Southern Africa, Discussion Paper (Nordic Africa Institute) by Yul Derek Davids.
Civil Society, The State And Conflicts In Africa, Hussein Solomon and Sally Matthews.
Lessons From Conflict Mediation in Southern Africa and the Role of Civil Society, Hussein Solomon.
The Role of Civil Society in Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation in Africa, Hussein Solomon.
Liberation in Southern Africa - Regional and Swedish Voices: Interviews from Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Frontline and Sweden, Tor Sellstrom.
Government Confronts Culture: The Struggle for Local Democracy in Southern Africa (States and Societies), Bruce Fuller.
Reconciliation and Reconstruction in South and Southern Africa, Geoffrey Denton.
Democracy and reconciliation: a challenge for African Christianity / ed. by Laurenti Magesa and Zablon Nthamburi.
In the name of the rainbow: politics of reconciliation as a priority of social pastoral care in South Africa and Malawi / Joseph Matthew Mfutso-Bengo.
Rwanda and South Africa in dialogue: addressing the legacies of genocide and a crime against humanity / edited by Charles Villa-Vicencio and Tyrone Savage.
Burden of memory, the muse of forgiveness / Wole Soyinka.
Justice, reconciliation and peace in Africa / David W. Shenk; foreword, Prof. John S. Mbiti, appendix, Bishop Festo Kivengere.
Democracy in Southern Africa: Moving Beyond a Difficult Legacy, Roger Southall, Review of African Political Economy No.96:255-272.
Building democracy: an examination of religious associations in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Tracy Kuperus, The Journal of Modern African Studies, 37, 4 (1999), pp. 643.
Towards Understanding New Forms of State Rule in [Southern] Africa in the Era of Globalization, Michael Neocosmos, African Journal of Political Science, Vol. 6, No. 2 (2001).
Governance for reconstruction in Africa: challenges for policy communities and coalitions, Pamela Mbabazi, Sandra J. MacLean & Timothy M. Shaw, Global Networks: A Journal of Transnational Affairs, Volume 2 Issue 1 Page 31 - January 2002.
Democracy and Conflict in Post-apartheid Southern Africa: Dilemmas of Social Change in Small States Matlosa K., International Affairs, April 1998, vol. 74, iss. 2, pp. 319-337(19).
Southern Africa And Democracy, In The Light Of The Harare Declaration, Hasu Patel, The Round Table (2000), 357 (585–592).
Peacebuilding and the New Regionalism in southern Africa, Sandra J Maclean, Third World Quarterly, Vol 20, No 5, Pp 943± 956, 1999.

Legislation and Government Reports

Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act (Act No. 34 of 1995) Truth and Reconciliation Homepage.
Truth and Reconciliation Final Report (Volumes 1-5)
Truth and Reconciliation Final Report (Volumes 6-7)
Online Bibliographies on Reconciliation

INCORE guide to Internet Sources

on Restorative Justice and Conflict

on Truth and Reconciliation

International Courts and Tribunals Bibliography
Truth and Reconciliation Commissions: A Review Essay and Annotated Bibliography, Kevin Avruch and Beatriz Vejarano, OJPCR: The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution 4.2: 37-76 (2002).
International Internet Bibliography on Transitional Justice: A selected bibliography with special focus on Germany and South Africa, Gunnar Theissen.
War Crimes/Truth and Reconciliation Commissions/Truth and Reconciliation in Africa/South Africa compiled by Molly Ryan.
Upcoming Conferences, Trainings and Special Events
Wars and Conflicts in Africa Conference