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Association for Conflict Resolution - International Section


ACR's International Section announces details for International Day 2008.  Please join us in Cincinnati on October 8 for a great day of speakers and fun. For more details, click here


ACR's International Section is pleased to announce that the winners of the 2014 ACR International Outstanding Leadership Awards are ProDiálogo (of Lima, Peru) and Shulamith Koenig (of New York City).  ProDiálago is the winner of the organizational award, and Shulamith Koenig is the winner of the individual award.  For further information about this year's winners of the award, click here.



La Sección Internacional de ACR se complace en anunciar que ProDiálogo (de Lima, Perú) y Shulamith Koenig (de la Ciudad de Nueva York) recibirán los Premios Internacionales al Liderazgo Sobresaliente 2014.  ProDiálogo recibirá el premio en la categoría organizaciones y Koenig recibirá el premio en la categoría individuales.  Para mayor información sobre ProDiálogo, haga clic aquí.


ACR's International Section co-sponsored another conference in Argentina, this one in Santa Fe, capital of the province of the same name, on May 22-23, 2014.  For further information about the conference, click here.

La Sección Internacional de ACR co-organizó otro Congreso en Argentina, ésta en Santa Fe, la capital de la provincia del mismo nombre, el 22-23 de mayo de 2014.  Para mayor información sobre el Congreso, haga clic aquí.

Mary Damianakis and Zara-Bella


Welcome to all our International Section Members!

My background is with family mediation, but throughout the years I have learned that mediation skills can extend far beyond family disputes. They are applicable to our communities, schools, and workplaces, and they stretch beyond borders. Let us be mindful that mediation skills can also be practiced amongst us.  This point is important as our section continues to grow.  We are all ambassadors for change, peace building, and conflict resolution.  We in the International Section are here, available to share our experiences with you. Sharing our work, our journeys, and our hopes is important to our profession and our learning.  The benefits of mediation, conflict resolution, and peace building reach far beyond our own backyard because we are all part of a much larger movement.  Our backgrounds, experiences, countries, and languages may differ, yet we all share similar values, hopes, and aspirations. The International Section communicates well, and celebrates diversity with insightful compassion. We want conflict resolution and peace building to grow and flourish internationally with a spirit of cooperation.
Throughout the years, I have come to admire the members of this section.  It is an inclusive, diverse group, with members from all over the world, working with collegiality, respect, humility, and passion. The International Section continues to welcome new members, acknowledge team work, and is grateful to all members for their contributions.  This group's dedication to mediation, peace building, and conflict resolution is huge, and it reaches all corners of the globe. Additionally, the International Section is an excellent example of how people choose to work respectfully, with consensus building, and to continue to spread the word of mediation, conflict resolution, and peace building. I continue to learn from all of you, and I am thrilled to be part of the group.
The photo accompanying this message is of me with my friend and neighbor Zara-Bella.


Lee Paulson

Dear friends and colleagues,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as Chair-elect for this 2013 to 2014 term.  I’m excited to get to know more of our diverse membership and continue to work with the section to help us achieve our goals in the new year. We have a strong and energized leadership group and a membership committed to continued growth and expanding the section’s outreach activities globally.

I have a background in linguistics with a master’s in mediation and applied conflict studies. I’ve lived and worked in South-east Asia and West Africa. I’ve currently volunteering for a local mediation center in Maryland working in international development with most of my projects located in West Africa. I’m particularly interested in outreach to Africa and Asia as well as strengthening our current efforts and ties.




November 9, 2013


Dear International Section Friends,


It was a great honor to serve as chair of the section this year, and I thank you all for giving me the trust and opportunity.  In addition to our webinars and Argentina conference, we pulled off a moving and enlightening International Day in Minneapolis last month, please check out our photos!


This year was definitely a team effort! I want to specially thank the following people and organizations for the support, time and guidance they lent throughout the year, without which we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish our many goals and responsibilities: ADR Hub, Alba and Mario de Almeida, Alicia Garayo, Amanda Ottman, Ashok Panikkar, Bryan Hanson, Charlie Wisoff, Clara Gomez, Cristina Camelino, Elyse Patterson, Equipo I.M.C.A., Gail Ervin, George Gachara, Hriday Sarma, JAMS Foundtion, Jeff Thompson, Jim Nelson and the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club, Jonathan Rosenthal, Lee Paulson, Lewis Dabney, Marcos Favero, Maria Drlje, Mariah Levison, Mary Damianakis, Melissa Appleton, Natalie Alvarez, Sr. Pauline Acayo, Remo Moomiaie-Qajar, Sthea Mason, Walter Wright, and last but certainly not least, the wonderfully dedicated staff of ACR: Monique Crowder, Leah Retting, Suzanne Burnett, and Valery Bowman. THANKS to you all!


I look forward to supporting Mary Damianakis and Lee Paulson as they take the section reins in the coming years, and as always, please reach out to me (internationalacr@gmail.com) if I can be of service to you.


All the best,



LogoThe Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is a professional organization dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution. Based in the United States, ACR represents and serves a diverse national and international audience that includes more than 6,000 mediators, arbitrators, facilitators, educators, and others involved in the field of conflict resolution and collaborative decision-making.

The ACR International Section is one of 18 ACR’s professional interest/topical Sections that provide members with a way to meet other professionals in their special areas of interest. It is made up of hundreds of ACR members from countries around the world and is one of the fastest growing ACR Sections. The Section is committed to honoring and building understanding of the differences in cultures, language and approaches to effective conflict resolution and building peaceful coexistence. more

Individuals outside the United States who wish to be affiliated with ACR may do so as International Virtual Members for $63.00 per year.  For further information, CLICK HERE.